Something from our production...
Our models allow us to install various types of motors and exhaust systems, that´s why they are really popular between rc modellers.

We are closely cooperating with german company 3W modellmotoren, we are using their motors in our models.
Our models are constructed in way so they are able to be ready for flight in the shortest amount of time.

- ready for flight in just 3 minutes
Landing gear and all accesories for our models are made directly in our company for exact model.

- CNC technology
- unique pneumatic system
- dimensioned by model weight
- light
Something from our production...
Our models are made thanks to the modern composite technology.

- all-composite
- vaccum + sandwich (HEREX, BALSA)
- CNC machined wood

Because everything is made within our country, we provide spare parts.
We are family company dealing with construction, making, tuning and flying sport and military models which are radio controlled.

Our models are not only top quality with rich accesories, but also budget price wooden constructions for amateurs.
We not only make models, but also fly them and show them on various shows.

With each model you receive information describing everything you need to know, in order to build your model.